1998-2003 of release

Repair and car operation

Lexus RX 300
+ Cars Lexus RX-300
- Controls and operation receptions
   - Access, protection
      Access in подкапотное пространоство
      Access to jellied горлавине a fuel tank
      The top hatch
      Glasses of doors
      Anticreeping system
   + Elements of systems of safety
   + The car equipment, arrangement of devices and controls
   + Devices of maintenance of comfort
   + Receptions of operation and auxiliary systems
+ Options and car routine maintenance
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling of the engine, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
+ The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
+ Systems of an electric equipment of the engine
+ Automatic transmission and interaxal differential
+ Transmissionnaja line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Basic schemes of electric connections


The general information and safety measures

Before to leave the car without supervision, do not forget to take out a key from the ignition lock, to cock a lay brake, to close all windows and to lock all doors. To lock doors follows as well at movement of the car for prevention of their casual opening and also to exclude penetration into the car of extraneous people (for example, at a stop before a traffic light). By transportation children on a back seat block locks of back doors. Do not leave children or animals in the closed car since the salon can strongly heat up and cause deterioration of their state of health or consciousness loss. Before a start of motion make sure that the back door is densely closed since otherwise the unhealthy fulfilled gases can get to salon.

Considered cars are equipped by system of the uniform lock, allowing to lock and unlock all doors, operating with the lock of one of lateral doors. Lock-out of locks from a door of the driver is made in two stages: at first the door of the driver is locked, and at repeated turn of a key - other doors.

Unlocking and lock-out of doors outside


  1. Turn a key in the lock of a forward door counter-clockwise to lock all doors. For unlocking of doors turn a key clockwise.
  2. To lock and unlock doors it is possible and by means of ДУ (the subsection Keys with ДУ see).
  3. At lock-out of doors by means of a key the anticreeping system (the Section of Glass of doors see) is activated.

Unlocking and lock-out of doors from within

If to lock the lock of an open door from within after closing of a door it remains locked. Be attentive and do not lock keys in the car in such a way.


  1. For door lock-out from within press the lock-out button forward. In this position to open a door both outside, and from within, it is impossible.
1 — It is locked
2 — it is opened

To block a door from within it is possible only in the event that the key is not in the lock of ignition and the door is closed. For door unlocking from within pull the lock-out button back.

  1. To lock and unlock locks of all doors simultaneously it is possible by means of the special switches located in forward doors. Pressing a forward part of a key of the switch leads to lock-out of locks, and on back – to their unlocking.
1 — It is locked
2 — it is opened

Additional blocking of locks of back doors


  1. Additional blocking of locks of back doors is intended for prevention of their opening by children being on a back seat.
  2. That the back door could not be opened from within, turn a shutter located in a back part of a door, in position (1) and close it. Now to open a door it is possible only outside.
1 — It is locked
2 — it is opened

Unlocking and lock-out of a door of a back


  1. For unlocking of a door of a back insert a key into its lock, turn it counter-clockwise and cautiously lift a back door.
1 — Lock-out
2 — Unlocking
3 — Opening
  1. For convenience of closing of a door of a back it is possible to take advantage of the handle. After door closing make sure of reliability of its fixing and lock a door, having turned a key in its lock clockwise.

To lock the lock lock animals it is possible as well from any of lateral doors, using function of the uniform lock (Access, protection see).