1998-2003 of release

Repair and car operation

Lexus RX 300
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      Anticreeping system
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+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Basic schemes of electric connections

The top hatch

The general information

For management of the top hatch by means of the switch on the top console the ignition key should be in position «ON». Management in positions «ACC» and «OFF» the ignition key is possible – but for this purpose doors should be closed.

The cover of the top hatch has the function preventing a jamming of subjects, being on a cover way at its closing – the cover after sensation of an obstacle will start to open. Nevertheless, do not put out a head and hands in an aperture of the open hatch since function of prevention of a jamming can not work, or not have time to work before trauma reception.

Management of the switch on the top console


  1. For moving of a cover of the top hatch quickly press back edge of the switch («SLIDE OPEN»). The hatch cover will start to move and will stop approximately for 5 sm before completely open position. If now to press back edge of the switch once again, the hatch will open completely.

At movement with completely open top hatch there is too strong noise of a wind, therefore it is recommended to shift a hatch cover in position of 5 sm before full opening.

1 — to Shift («SLIDE OPEN»)
2 — to Lift («TILT UP»)
  1. For full closing of the top hatch press a switch first line («TILT UP»).

For a stop of a cover of the hatch in any intermediate position during its movement it is necessary to press quickly any party of the switch («SLIDE OPEN» or «TILT UP»).

  1. To shift the lifted cover of the hatch, press back edge of the switch (the cover will fall), and then press it once again – the cover will start to move.

  2. For a full raising/lowering of a back part of a cover of the hatch press and keep accordingly a first line / back the switch.

  3. For a raising of the shifted cover of the hatch press back edge of the switch (the hatch will be closed), and then press it once again – the cover will start to rise.

Management by means of a key


  1. For opening of windows of doors and the roof hatch keep pressed button "UNLOCK" on a key with ДУ. Moving of glasses and a cover of the top hatch stops right after release buttons.
  2. If the key is not equipped by block DU, for opening/closing of the hatch of a roof insert a key into the ignition lock, turn it accordingly clockwise/against and keep a key in extreme position. After unlocking/lock-out of a door the hatch will start otkryvatsja/be closed accordingly. For a stop of moving of a cover of the hatch return a key in neutral position.